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Utility Relationships
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Key Stakeholder Engagement
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Our Mission

At Consensus Core we are focused on acquiring new high-potential projects where we can work with communities to revitalize former industrial sites. Every project we work on centers on transforming areas into thriving technology centers with close ties to local enterprise and education institutions.

Our leadership team has extensive experience with greenfield developments and brownfield transformation projects. We have the skills and resources that are required to manage every aspect of their growth, including utility relationships, government contact, and key stakeholder engagement.
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Utility Relationships

We work with utility companies of all sizes to create scaleable plans that fully utilize energy assets. Our team of experts work closely with partners to ensure that projects fit within their specific infrastructure so that our datacenters work without placing stress on their grid. We also have experience partnering with utilities organizations to help them unlock remote assets and stranded energy.

Government Outreach

Our team works closely with governments at all levels to help them leverage the potential of blockchain focussed datacenters.

Working alongside local, provincial and federal bodies we help to unlock the potential of this technology, educating stakeholders on the economic benefits that these internationally strategic assets can provide.


We are passionate about the blockchain community and constantly work to be a company that our peers can be proud of. That’s why we want to be good neighbors, operating as sound stewards of the land and resources that our projects are built upon.

We also work closely with land owners, facility operators and local businesses to help drive technology and economic vibrancy forward in the areas that we operate.


British Columbia, Canada

Strategically located in British Columbia where electricity costs are kept low due to abundant renewable energy sources

Manitoba, Canada

Low costs, cool climate, cheap energy and access to some of the most affordable industrial sites in North America make Manitoba an ideal location for our growing network
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