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Accelerate Your Startup with NVIDIA H100

Are you a start up with fewer than ten people? Join our accelerator program to get free access to NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU. NVIDIA H100 uses cutting-edge innovation through the NVIDIA Hopper™ architecture to deliver industry-leading conversational AI and speeds up large language models.

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H100 is a beast.

We've always been hesitant to integrate new tech, fearing complex setups. Trying the NVIDIA H100 through Consensus was a revelation. Simple setup and world-class deep learning power at our fingertips!

Lisa R.

LLM Project
Thank you!

Having limited resources, we often settled for less. With this accelerator, we set up the NVIDIA H100 and are now exploring deep learning avenues we once thought were out of reach.

Ulrich H.

Image recognition start up
Nice to try for free

Prototyping was super fun through Consensus Core accelerator program and has been instrumental in our journey. We'll refine our code and be back as customers!

Ty H.

Computer vision project