Digital infrastructure
on an industrial scale

We build and operate cutting-edge blockchain-focused data centers, offering immense computing power and critical infrastructure to power the next generation, and beyond.

Why consensus core?

Consensus Core's exceptional team of technological pioneers is dedicated to building a platform to securely deliver bulk computing capacity, providing digital infrastructure at an industrial scale.

By partnering with some of the biggest names in technology and infrastructure, we are able to offer immense computing power, and critical infrastructure needed to power the next generation and beyond.
Outstanding team of proven blockchain entrepreneurs and mining pioneers.
Transparent networks
Securing a transparent and decentralized infrastructure for blockchain networks.
Artificial intelligence
Custom built for the next generation of AI and machine learning.
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Real Estate
A network of vast bitcoin mining facilities supplying critical infrastructure across North America.
Secure Locations
Our data centers are located in specially selected locations in Canada and the US to ensure stable geographic distribution and maximise security of the system
Safe cool servers
Reliable connection


The Citadel is Consensus Core’s next generation modular data center. Ultra-dense and virtually self-contained, it offers highly configurable designs and low deployment cost.
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We are proud to offer a variety of infrastructure solutions that have been designed with the blockchain community in mind. Working closely with development teams around the world we ensure that your BP is secure, reliable, distributed and always available.
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Real Estate

We work to revitalize brownfield sites into thriving technology centers with close ties to local enterprise and education institutions.
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