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Consensus Core is backed by a team of top tier talent with extensive experience across sectors including technology, investment and blockchain. Together we’re working to change the face of the digital ecosystem


Wayne Lloyd, CFA
Wayne Lloyd is a talented technology entrepreneur, who also leads investment at Blockchain Holdings and serves as investor, advisor, board member, and trader for several other startups. A Chartered Financial Analyst, Wayne founded the behavioural analytics company Market Memory, offering data analysis to investment managers and commodity traders.
Yan Zhang is a pioneer in decentralized applications, who also serves as partner at As a visionary entrepreneur, Zhang founded MeshSmart, the world's first decentralized industrial intelligent lighting platform, Chelecom, a blockchain-backed 5G virtual telecom carrier, and DappWorks, a customized blockchain solution providers


Stuart Thompson is an expert in forward thinking and corporate strategy, currently serving as senior director at Equinix, the world's largest data centre company. Formerly an investment banking associate at JP Morgan, Thompson has an MBA in real estate and finance, and has held strategy and acquisition positions in several real estate groups.
Om Bhatia is a global finance and commodities senior executive with deep industrial site experience. Formerly vice-president of commodities at Goldman Sachs, Bhatia more recently served as senior managing director of commodities and financial markets at global financial service provider, Macquarie Group, and as CFO at mechanical paper producer Catalyst Paper.
Olsen Su is a co-founder of Bitmain Technologies, one of the world’s most recognizable companies in the cryptocurrency sector. With experience across the globe, Olsen brings deep rooted experience in the technological aspects of computing chips, high density servers and large scale parallel software.
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